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Senior Citizen's Discount
We offer a Senior Citizen's Discounts for anyone 65 & over. Discount is 10% off of any Mirror Image Supreme package we offer.(FULL DETAIL ONLY) Please mention you qualify when you make your appointment and we will be sure to give you the discount. Only one discount per vehicle. No coupon necessary for Senior Discount.

Spring Specials ARE HERE!
Residential/Personal Services begin again on 3/14/2016

Mirror Image Supreme
"Full Detail In & Out"
"Most Popular Package"
$150- Truck/SUV
$165-XL Truck/SUV/ALL Vans
Most Completed SAME DAY!
FREE P/U & Delivery to most local areas!

Note: Extra charges now apply to any vehicle that has more than the "standard set of floor mats".
$5-set of 2
$10-set of 4

Extra Charges only apply to Supreme Packages.

    PLEASE NOTE.... 
Prior to your Appointment!!
NOTE: Please empty your vehicle of all belongings prior to pick up to ensure a completely clean vehicle! If you choose to leave many items in areas such as a center console or trunk, we will not clean that area due to your privacy! ALSO: If you have seat covers, please remove them prior to your appointment. We reserve the right not to clean seats with seat covers attached due to the possible risk of cover damage. Thank you!

SALE ENDS May 31, 2016

Discount ID: 199754656

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