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Referral Benefits:

Every "2 Referrals"- Receive a "FREE Deluxe Exterior OR Basic Interior Package"
(These package details are located on the "Other Packages/Pricing" page.)

Every "10 Referrals"- Receive a "FREE Mirror Image Supreme Package"
(These package details are located on the "Auto Packages/Pricing" page.) 

Please Sign Up on the form below.

Referral Program Rules & Information:

We will keep a database of who is in the program & the new customer referrals. In order to receive credit & redemption of your benefits you must do the following or the following applies:

A. Sign Up or already be signed up for the refferal program. You will receive email confirmation that you have joined the program.

B. "New Referred Customers" must mention who they were referred by so you receive credit on our database.
C. In order for a "New Referred Customer" to be considered a referral for the program, they must purchase a Mirror Image Deluxe, or Mirror Image Supreme Package. They also must be a new customer who has never used our services before.

D. Once the "New Referred Customer" has purchased the package, you will be credited on our database. An email will be sent to notify you of the credit that you have earned.

E. When you have received 2 paid referrals, we will contact you via email & notify that you have earned enough credits. It will now be up to you to redeem your "FREE Deluxe Exterior OR Interior Only Package" by asppointment only.

F. You will have 90 days from the date of the email to redeem your FREE Package or it will be VOID thereafter.

G. The same rules apply when you have reached your 10th Referral. Yet, after your 10th Referral, you will start over in the program. So no matter what, you will earn credit & redemption for every "2 referrals" even if you have surpassed 10 referrals. You are just starting over in the program, earning your way again to "10 referrals" to receive the "FREE Mirror Image Supreme Package" as you did previously.

Referral Program Sign Up

You must sign up in order to be qualified for the program. Please fill out "all" the information below. Only one phone number is necessary. Be sure you have read the "Rules & Information" above before you click the "submit" button.

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